2010 Fall General Membership Meeting Agenda

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2010 Fall General Membership Meeting


I.   Roll Call

II.  Approval of Minutes

1.Spring Meeting

2.Summer Board Meeting

III. Regional Updates

1.New Regional Chairman- Paul Tickenof

2.Future Stars Level 3A now 4A

3.Level 4

IV.  Calendar

V.   State Qualifying Scores (2 times during the season)

1.Level 5:  89.00

2.Level 6:  87.00

VI.  Procedural Reminders

1.Assistants on the floor (with in the field of play)

2.Proper Attire

3.Protests, issues during the competition

4.Professional behavior

VII.  Old Business

VIII. New Business

1.Cal Berkeley Head Tax

2.National Gymnastics Day

3.Possible Club Owners Meeting w/ Dave Peterson


Michelle Huffman
Santa Cruz Sports Central


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