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Philosophy – Level 4 gymnastics is designed to be an introductory level of gymnastics competition. It is our intention to host meets with a positive approach for the gymnasts. In order to focus on a positive experience and reduce the gymnast to gymnast score comparison, we will flash ONLY the color of the ribbon for the level each gymnast has achieved (see Score Range and Ribbon Color designations below). Scores may be written on the Coach’s Level 4 Score Record only if the coach requests them from the judges. As there is no All-Around or Team Score in this level there will be no totals in these categories.  (Note: The following Ribbon Breakdowns should be printed in each meet program for the parents)

Results, Scoring & Awards – No scores will be flashed in this level. After the judge comes up with his score, he will then select the appropriate ribbon. (See charts below) The ribbons will be given to the gymnast at the end of the competition with his certificate.

Level 4 – Score Range and Ribbon Color Tables

2010 riboon colors

Competitive Uniforms – The philosophy behind this level is to keep the high costs of competition to a minimum. Gymnasts compete in T-shirt and shorts ONLY Gymnasts may go bare foot on all events, but may wear socks on Pommel horse, Rings, P-Bars and High Bar.  No warm-up uniforms or competition whites are permitted    Only a team T-shirt with sleeves and shorts are allowed for March in!  There will be a 1.0 uniform deduction per occurrence for an out of compliance uniform.

Invitational Meets: – The Region 1 Board has voted to have all clubs in the Region use the Level 4 scoring and philosophy at their invitational meets including the score ranges and customized ribbons. Please make sure to include the information regarding the ribbons and uniforms to al clubs so that they are aware of the program.  It is recommended that in addition to the ribbons and certificate that invites should provide an additional participation award for the Level 4 athletes (i.e.: Trophy, Customized medal, Ribbon holder, etc.)



  1. rene esparza says:

    last year it was optional for level 4’s to compete with shirts and shorts this year is it mandatory?
    do to lack of updated computer software its hard to keep up with checking these updates. my level 4 team boys have already recieved there uniforms pants and leo. will they receive a deduction for wearing them? please get back to me about this

  2. Michelle Huffman says:

    YOu have a year to phase out the uniforms, there will be no deduction this year. Also the entire proposal is going before the JOPC for an official ruling.

  3. Keep the uniforms!! They are a minor expense in gymnastics competition. They give the young boys and their parents a sense of pride. . Schools and sports teams have uniforms as it is proper attire for each particular environment. For many kids who have not yet competed, moving to team is

    I also have an issue with changing the color of the awards ribbons from the traditional blue, red, white ….etc. It’ll take 5 minutes to figure out which ribbon is for the higher score. This is the dumbest idea yet! And life is full of competition, winning and losing, at all ages. It’s not a bad thing!

  4. Felicia Afifi says:

    As a parent of a new team member I agree with Kathleen regarding having a team uniform…and yes I am biased since my son is on her team, but my son is so proud of being on the team and to have a uniform for them made him feel all that much more important. It gave him a sense of pride to be standing with his teammates in their uniforms etc. Please don’t phase them out. He was in his first invitational a couple of weeks ago and he loved it and the fact they were all looking so good in their uniforms.

  5. Julie Thomas says:

    Dear Michelle,

    We attended the Level 4 State Meet today to support a fellow teammate. We were thrilled that the decision was made to flash scores however it was a shame to see such awesome gymnastics not be rewarded with a proper State Title or even a medal. Many of the kids have worked extremely hard to achieve their skill level (example: 15.9 on p-bar) and deserve better.

  6. bradleysmom says:

    i agree with kathleen brady. uniforms should be MANDATORY.also, these kids practice umpteen hours per week and work harder than many kids who play other sports (i have a football player, golfer, wrestler, cheerleader and lacrosse player)- and gymnstics seems the most challenging (by far) and requires the most discipline. If you’re a winner, you’re a winner- a loser, a loser. IT IS WHAT IT IS. COMPETITIVE MEANS COMPETE. not a fan of this “make it more fair for the kids” idea……… if a kid isn’t excelling, then maybe the parents should find what he is able to excel in. 🙂 just sayin…